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This is Hallowe'en!

Posted on Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hello all! Now after two consecutive years of botched Halloween plans, I decided to heck care big parties and just celebrate it with Mel, before projects and exams consumed most of our lives!

Wake up on Halloween day to dreary, rainy, Singapore weather. 
But better that it rained in the afternoon than at night!

Make my way to school and first stop as usual - the Bondue room! 
Hello people who are always in the Bondue room!
(Oops sorry for the unglam shot, Mark!)

These Lanvin for H&M dresses are an uncanny find from a costume shop along North Bridge Road. We almost couldn't believe they were real, but they came with ribbons and were really well made, AND they were what we were looking for, so we just HAD to get them!

We planned to reach Clarke Quay at 8pm but after all our moping around, putting on make-up, and cam-whoring, we finally left the Bondue room at 11!! I love how flouncy and poofy they our dresses are. How often do we ever get to wear dresses like these in Singapore?

Feel super self-conscious at first, especially on the way to Clarke Quay because of all the stares we were getting! I have to say that visibility on our masks was almost ZERO except for the tiny slits for eyeholes. Plus my mask smelled like Febreeze! Bleah.

Mel and I take a wrong turn trying to get to Clarke Quay, but we chance upon this awesome tunnel, and we ask the first guy we see carrying a DSLR to help us take a photo (cause people who carry DSLRs know how to use them), and indeed, the first shot he shoots is spot on! I love this! Almost makes the time and money we spent for tonight worth it already!

So you all must be wondering what the premise of our costumes are. Well, after much consideration, we came up with the concept of how we Gen Ys heavily pursue a consumerist culture, but when you think about it, despite all the money we spend on material satisfaction, aren't we all still just animals inside?

One of the buskers along the tunnel call out for us to take a photo with him, and we oblige!

Finally a good one! Can't say that taking repeated shots is a good photography skill, but today was my first time bringing out my DSLR so I suppose some concession can be made :)

Mel's shot! She hits it faster than I do. Probably because of her ballroom dancing training? :)

We paraded, arms linked, down all of Clarke Quay to many stares. It was really quite empowering the amount of affirmation we got from the people around us! Every few steps someone would run up to us to ask for a photo, and Mel and myself would stay in character and silently stand there in consent while they did so. Creepy but pretty awesome feeling! I'm so glad we had masks, because then we had no worries of blinking, unglam shots or anything. In fact, i'd make a silly face every time someone took a photo and no one would know. Haha!
Proof that I more often than not am a pretty awkward person!

So choosing brand new heels to walk around the whole night in is not the wisest choice. Mel and I are soon exhausted (and the masks are really warm!), so we decide to retire back to school!

But not without getting some refreshments first of course! 

All in all a pretty unique and new experience for Halloween! I'm just glad that people were receptive to our costumes, and we got some really great photos.

'Til next year!


Jess said...

Love your photos Monnikins! You look be-you-tiful x

Benlovesting said...

Cute Halloween costume!

Monica said...

Not as be-you-tiful as you! ;)

Monica said...

Haha thanks <3