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Welcome to The Beer Tap!

Posted on Friday, November 9, 2012

Here's a to-scale 3D model that my team had to build for the Retail Management module in school! It's for a indie bar concept that we have in which every table has it's very own tap which dispenses beer, hence the name "The Beer Tap" (doh!).

The brains behind this model was my dear friend Melissa who insists that after this project that she should have gone to architecture school. And of course, the whole thing couldn't have been done without everyone in my group playing their part. Ok enough talk and more pictures!


Brick wall made with real bricks??? We all laughed at Melissa 
for not just printing it out but she proved us wrong!

Mini beer kegs, stove and fridge! 

Isn't it adorkable???? Of course because I was so busy with slides that I couldn't help much, but I DID paint almost 50 chairs and glue little red felt cushions onto every single one of them, so there -.- And i designed the menu, logos and promo posters which Melissa added on to make the model even more adorkable. All in all, a pretty good end to a pretty intense project! Not bad for less than 3 days of work.

*Update: Yay we got the highest score in class for our whole project! All the late nights of rushing was worth it (Y)