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Travelogue: London - Christmas Eve Part II

Posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pardon for the visual vomit - I got a lot of practice shooting low light photography when I visited the magical Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park on Christmas Eve (I usually set my DSLR to Aperture Priority, ISO1600, 1/30 s or lower). It was my first time at a full scale fun fair, and I was looking forward to this the most for our trip to London, because I really wanted to feel the Christmas spirit this year. I cannot think of any other way to soak it up better! We drank cider and hot chocolate, stuffed our faces with fun fair food, played shooting games at the booths (winning little soft toy friends!), and just admired the lights and sounds of everything. My only regret is that Justin and I didn't get to ride the ferris wheel like we planned as it was about to close by the time we made our way there, but anyway I think we still had a ball of a time with everyone! And this was how I spent my Christmas eve!