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Travelogue: London - Around Town

Posted on Thursday, March 14, 2013

Finally on our last day in London, we decide to actually see the sights the city has to offer!

Beginning the day with a good old English fry-up with everyone else!

We then go sightseeing with our London couple friends, Terence and Sharon!

First stop, the hummingbird bakery! Ok not really a sight to see, but something I've been looking forward to going to :)

Winter falls so fast, by the time we finally head out, it's already dark. But i've seen London's sights in the day before, so it was fun to do a night walk instead!

Piccadilly Circus was so bright with the lights from the advertisements, you'd almost think it was day time!

Next stop - Trafalgar Square! Almost feels like we're playing Monopoly.

And of course, Westminster with the lovely Big Ben. I never get tired of seeing it - my heart always skips a beat whenever I think of the first time I caught sight of Big Ben when I went for a school trip to the UK in 2008, and it really is as amazing as it was back then.

And Westminster Abbey!

We walk to Buckingham Palace afterwards, quite a distance really, from Big Ben. Seeing it at night was pretty unusual too, since everyone always comes in the day for the change of guard - but I've seen it before and find it underwhelming so I don't really mind.

We are starving by the time we find food, thanks to the TripAdvisor iphone App that locates where you are, and tells you what restaurants are good to eat at nearby!

We stumble upon the most random hole in the  wall Indian fine dining restaurant. I've always known that Indian food is really good in london, but the food at Haandi was the best indian food I have ever eaten. I think it might have had something to do with the fact that we were hungry, cold and tired (especially since the service was sup par), but it really was amazing. We had the Lamb Masala, Chicken Tikka, and a cauliflower dish whose name escapes me. It was spicy, warm and full of all kinds of delicious Indian taste. Perfect for winter!

And after dinner, we decide to hit crepes at the Kensington Creperie for some cider and order some of their more unusual flavours of crepes - the La Superbe Banana Quebec (first pictured), which consists of bananas, walnuts, and Canadian maple syrup; and their Tipsy Apple (second pictured), which has apple, port wine and syrup. It was nice to just sit there and chit chat about our lives in SMU, since we only got to know Sharon and Terence through this trip in December.

And that more or less sums it up for all of London this trip! Finally! I have this weird need to blog about everything that happened, almost as if to live through it again. Thanks for putting up with it guys!

7 Cheval Place
Knightsbridge, London

Kensington Creperie
2-6 Exhibition Road
Kensington, London