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A game, a team, a bank, a bevy

Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Golden Half Camera | Kodak Gold 400 Film

I write and write and write these days but most of the time I just backspace it and hide it from the world, or at least just for a few special people to see. Today I finally collected the roll of film from my Golden Half that I shot in Europe, and this picture struck me the most. The bevy of swans all heading in one direction, clustering around some magic invisible tree food, while one swan stands tall and regal, apart from it all. And then black. Cause the exposure screwed up. I can proudly say that this picture is unedited or, in "Instagram speak" #nofilter whatddup. Actually I never understood why people were proud of their #nofilter photos because they are usually #plain or #actuallyneedfilters, but I guess I know why now.

Don't mind me, I'm feeling critical today.

On a separate note, as of two days ago, this blog hit 10,000 page views since it first opened in Mid October 2012! I did a little dance in my chair though I don't really know why.