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Marvelous March!

Posted on Sunday, April 14, 2013

Marvelous March was our celebration of the beginning of March in which we had a potluck at JoLo's! Justin and my contribution was Joël Robuchon style mash potatoes. We tried it in London in my post The Thing About Theatres and Justin wanted to try it out himself. It was no joke though, the amount of work going into actually sieving potatoes not once, but twice through impossibly small holes! We thought we made too much, but somehow everyone finished it off, especially when they sprinkled truffle sauce on top. Delish! Marvelous March was fun because I remember Cedric's yummy salted egg pork (in which he got chilli on his face while cooking it and it was really funny), JoLo's entertaining entertainment (powerpoint quiz, SMU style!), Taboo-ing till we couldn't take it any more and of course the delicious contributions from everyone. Yum! Totally won't mind eating it all again!