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Mum's Day

Posted on Monday, May 27, 2013

It's a rare occasion these days that my family eats together, but we definitely made it a point to do so on Mother's Day of course! Ended up at Marmalade Pantry @ The Stables, my first time there, but thank goodness I took a cab in because the road in is completely pitch black and forested - the stuff of horror movies! Met the family anyway and we had dinner, after which we presented mummykins with our  yearly tradition of a handmade card just for her! She loves them so much. When we were young we made her so many cards it filled her entire office wall from floor to ceiling with them (who needs wallpaper). Of course since then we've tapered down our intense card making tendencies, but it's still great to see how happy she is whenever she receives them, like we gave her the best present in the world :)