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Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hi all! Shall do a mini post before I head out for my $1.00 oyster-gasm feast with zee boyfriend!

When one enters my blog, one of the first things that may catch your eye is this sketch of me on my sidebar! Well, it was done for my by my lovely and talented friend Deborah, if you remember her from when I visited her a few posts ago at the Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler Project.

There really is true likeness! It's always interesting to see how other people see you in their eyes, and I love how Deborah used lots of technicolor pops to show what a cool and colorful person I am *ahem ahem*. And of course, I wish my hair looked this fah-bulous all the time, but I guess in real life it's mostly pin straight :( But I'm working on it!! 

When I told Deborah I was hoping to get a little art work done for my blog, she was really sweet and agreed to do it for me at no charge, but really, if you guys wish to hire her services, you do have to pay a small fee! But it's totally worth it guys, I was really blown away by how she interpreted what I was hoping for, really exceeding expectations. Ok so enough ranting - if you wish to get artwork done by her, please email to find out more!! She's friendly ;)

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