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Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler Project

Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Took the Sunday a little off the beaten path in support of my dear, talented friend, Deborah, who was curated by Red Bull out of many other young budding artists to design a cooler for them! The Red Bull Canvas Cooler Project, Singapore is Red Bull's way of giving students space to showcase their creativity on their own coolers, as a common issue here is artists not having enough space to truly express themselves artistically. With the famous arrest of The Sticker Lady, I guess this event is even more meaningful for artists here in Singapore.

The Pop-up event was held at The Reading Room at Tanjong Pagar - what a great space! I loved the high, sloping ceilings, and how they did the whole area up with the coolers on their own little tables. Pretty classy for a Red Bull event, actually. Most of my impression of the brand is girls baring their midriffs and handing me free drinks, so thumbs up for them!

And here's the artist herself! So proud of her, chasing her dreams in a society that prizes studies over art. Respect!

With said cooler! Deborah used acrylic paints on canvas for this to convey the "psychedelic, ethereal journey of The Lotus Eaters". I personally love how bright and trippy the colours are. You can't really see it with the lighting so I grabbed some of these pictures that Deborah took herself of the cooler.

And I did take pictures of the other coolers as well, but really, this visit really was for her, so don't mind if it's a little biased ;)

With her mentor!

Deborah's cooler will be on display permanently at The Forbidden City, Indochine. If you love her work, she's also freelancing and you can email her at if you'd like to get a portrait or some artwork done!


Anonymous said...

Monny! My friend did the unicorn one in your second last photo haha

Monica Anne Lie said...

@thehackneyedjig Such talented friends we have~