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Summer Dreaming

Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2013

We're officially a week into Summer and it's felt like the longest, most relaxed week in my life. That said, I have exciting plans coming up for the rest of the holidays, and I can't wait for the rest of my friends to finish their exams - then Summer will really begin for good! On the top of my reading list is Midnight Children by Salman Rushdie, lent to me courtesy of the lovely E-main! I hope to get lots of reading done. I hope to start work soon. I hope to see my friends more often. And I hope to spend lots of time just enjoying the warmth of Singapore before I leave everyone behind in August for Germany. This is the last Summer of my life, before I graduate and move on with whatever there is in front. In a way it's sad, and it's a little poetic, but least to say, I've been waiting for a while.