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Wine Voyage @ The Audi Fashion Festival

Posted on Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello! I feel so lucky to have gotten free tickets to Wine Voyage @ The Audi Fashion Festival, courtesy of The Straits Wine Company x SMU Wine Appreciation Club! The tickets entitled me and a friend of my choice (Jessica, whom I haven't seen since mid semester!) to 5 wine tastings from different capital cities around the world, namely Berlin, Paris, Milan, Madrid and Sydney, and it was held in a tent at Marina Promenade, overlooking the spectacular view of Gardens by the Bay. Personally, Jess and I just relaxed and enjoyed sipping the wine and catching up. My favourite wine for the night was from Sydney because it was... Moscato! Yep, I can never resist a glass of moscato, and of course, an excuse to dress up and go out for a night with any of my girl friends!


Becks Ko said...

Hello Monica! Nice to meet you (digitally, haha!). (:
I absolutely love the detailing on your Valentino dress!

Monica Anne Lie said...

@Becks Hehe hi! Nice to meet you too :D I saw an exact replica of my dress in one of the shops in the emporium! Can you believe it?? :O