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Wonderstellar x Attica Fashion Show

Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hey guys! Here are some sneak peek photos of the Wonderstellar x Attica Fashion Show that happened last Friday at Attica Too. Shooting for the show was probably one of the most challenging experiences I've had ever had, but it really tested me as a photographer. Because of the perplexing light conditions in the club that could range from blindingly bright to extremely low light and washed out, and the fact that my subjects were constantly moving, I had to work creatively and push for a kind of film / urban cool vibe that would work with and even enhance the conditions I had to get these photos, but I'm really pleased with the result! :)

And did I mention how friendly the models were? I definitely haven't worked with many before, but I was really pleasantly surprised, and not to mention they're all really gorgeous too (duh). So there's that split second when you're there in the media stand, running around like a chicken trying to get the best angles while the models walk down the runway, and then they'll make a special pose and smile just for your camera, and your heart melts. Oh, inferiority! Hahahha. But I guess I'm used to being the person behind the scenes. Kudos to Wonderstellar for pulling together such an amazing and cohesive fashion show!


Becks Ko said...

Love the photos! The models all look great.
Who does their make-up? So professionally done!

Monica Anne Lie said...

@Becks Aww thanks! A lot of the bling from the make up (like the lip tattoos and eyelid bejewelled stuff) were bought! They just applied it with water and it stuck! :O