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Family & Food

Posted on Friday, July 19, 2013

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Family dinner last Friday at the Fullerton! The little sister has been working there in between JC and university, so on her last day of work she decided to use her birthday voucher given by Fullerton which entitles 2 people to dine free, AND she gets a 50% off since she is an employee, so we made it a family + new family affair! Justin couldn't come because he was in Perth, but boy did he miss out! Free flow sashimi (even Mekajiki, my favourite!), lobsters grilled in cheese, a barbeque counter with lamb, sausages, and what more, and of course one of my favourites - free flow oysters!!! There was so much to eat but the little sis and I stayed strong and were still eating long after everyone was done :D The thing about buffets is that when you think back on them, you wonder why you didn't eat more, but I really feel this time that it was really worth it!