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Clinique with E-main!

Posted on Saturday, August 17, 2013

E-main and I signed up for the Clinique Beautylista Workshop for the fun of it, which was obviously a marketing strategy to get young girls like us to start using their products, but it was pretty worth it because we got 2 hours of make up class / introduction to test almost all the Clinique products / a $60.00 Clinique voucher to redeem their products at Sephora / free Yoga classes at True Yoga... You get the point! By the end of the session I literally had ten layers of expensive stuff on my face, which was awesome hahaha.

The session was in Sephora itself, so I think we looked like a sight in our special headscarves and poncho thingums, but damn they were useful!

Not only A&F model but Clinique model now too hahahaha.


And the end result of our fiddling around with all the Clinique makeup! Really zheng-ed our faces! If only I had the patience to do this every day!

And we claimed our $60.00 vouchers at Sephora that very day, I got the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream, and the Clinique Even Better Concealer which I seriously hope helps my dark rings but right now the pot looks so new and perfect I can't bear to stick my brush in and destroy it. Does anyone else feel this way about their new make up??? :(

Ok end of my happy bimbo entry!

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