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Little Diner Singapore

Posted on Thursday, August 29, 2013

When I think of brunch in the west of Singapore, names such as Choupinette come to mind, so when we decided to be a little more adventurous and try out Little Diner at 6th Avenue, which isn't as well covered by the food blog scene, but definitely worth a visit!

Zee neighbours! (And the little sis who is a fattykins next to me).

My dish! They have many egg benedict variations such as The "Krusty Krab" Benedict and Supernova Eggs Benedict, but I go with The Italian Benedict ($16.50++) because I'm a sucker for parma ham :} Good, good stuff! The brioche is soft and absorbs all the runny egg yolk, and the parma ham is so generous I don't even have to ration it out! (I have this weird need to eat and finish all ingredients at the same time).

Pei Ting gets the "Krusty Krab" Benedict ($16.50++), where the crab in question is described as a 'Golden crabcake pillow' (which already sounds amazing), and I do try a bit of it! It's crispy and freshly fried, and maybe a bit too small because then I couldn't ask PT for more HAHA. However, I wouldn't order this personally as I feel that eggs benedicts need something in between the egg and the brioche, you know? Just a personal preference.

What I should have ordered!!! I was totally eyeing the Baked Mac & Cheese ($15.50++) on the lunch menu, but I was in the mood for egg benedict, see, and Pei Li was ordering so it means I got to try both! Would definitely order this if I came again, piping hot, gooey, and such a generous portion compared to other Mac & Cheese's i've tried! Yummy!

And Miranda's dish - so typical that she goes for the sweet instead of savoury! This must be where this girl gets all her crazy hyper energy from haha. It's the Stuffed Super Cereal-Crusted French Toast ($15.50++) which is seriously high level and I've never tasted so much depth in just one french toast. It's stuffed (as the name suggests) to the brim with nutella, with strawberries on the side and drizzled in maple syrup and powdered sugar! There's supposed to be bananas too but the orderee doesn't like them (whattt). A worthy dish to order as a dessert for sharing!

And a group photo! Friendship of 10 years and counting! Much love 


Kerrin Kua said...

i know where im gg dating next! :B

Monica Anne Lie said...

@Kerrin Order the mac & cheese!!! :D