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Road Trippin'

Posted on Monday, August 5, 2013

When Mark suggested we hit Johor Bahru one day in the spirit of Summer vacay, we knew had to make it happen! So we decided on a day over whatsapp, and before we knew it, we were on a mini road trip across the causeway into foreign territory!

Hello, front-seat Mel! Hello Mark, our generous driver for the day!

Must-Do in JB: Cheap movie tickets at RM12! (about S$5.00~) And cheap snacks too! We watch Wolverine 2, which was surprisingly good for a sequel to a spin-off. Whoddathunk?

Another Must-Do in JB: Hit the cheap seafood dinner! Mark comes here quite often with his family, so he introduces us to San Low Seafood, where apparently a lot of Singaporeans eat + no stupid foreigner price nonsense + safe, which is all that matters! Oh, and they have cereal crayfish!!! SO looking forward to that!

We order two plates of the Chilli lala because it's so yummy and so huge! It's definitely not too spicy, and I didn't get a tummy ache after, so that's a good thing.

I normally dislike all kinds of fried noodles, but I actually took seconds for this. There's a certain dry crispiness about it, along with the wok-hei that makes it really good and unlike anything I've eaten here in Singapore!

Being good and eating our greens with... Sambal Kangkong! I can't remember much of this, but I think we finish the plate.

AND THE HOLY CEREAL CRAYFISH!!! 4 giant, literally piping hot (you could see the steam coming out) pieces of this succulent, juicy creature that I don't get to eat often enough :') Mel and Mark let me have the last extra piece cause they are super nice and I am seriously happy after!

While Mel and I drink our overly-sour Lime Juice (give this a miss if you come here), Mark drinks his tea like the uncle he is. Lolol.

And after dinner we drive back into Singapore safe and sound with no issues! Phew! You hear all those horror stories about Singaporeans going to JB, and I'm just really glad nothing big happened.

And the total cost of our meal? RM73.00! Which is about RM25.00 each, or S$10.00. What?!? For crayfish, 2 plates of lala and everything else! Gotta love Malaysia! :D

San Low Seafood Restaurant
Jalan Merah 1, Taman Pelangi,
80400 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia