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Posted on Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hi! Been to busy to take many nice pictures in Karlsruhe so i shall post up some old photos first of the last brunch Justin and I had before I left at... Grub at Bishan Park! We've been planning to go for quite some time but always put it off. So anyway, after summing up our strength to wake up earlier, and headed down to Bishan Park for some good food!

One of Grub's value offerings is that the brunch is so, so, so affordable! Everything is below $15.00, and Justin says it's because Bishan Park is a public park, and hence NParks requires the restaurants here to serve food that is affordable for the general public, which makes Grub great value with it's bright and airy restaurant that makes my photos look even better. Yum!

Food arrives! The restaurant is really crowded but their ops seem up to par and we get our stuff real fast. I don't eat the Beef and Guiness Pie ($12.00++), but I do try the mash, and it's really good stuff! It's best when you dip it in the sauce, which is really rich and tasty. This isn't really typical brunch stuff (like most of the stuff on their breakfast menu), but it's not overly rich for the morning :) Eat this one quickly before it gets soggy!

To compensate for the lower price, the burgers are a little on the smaller side, but I don't have an issue with it because I don't eat a lot in the morning anyway. This Crispy Fish Burger ($12.00++) was what I was looking forward to! More than just a fish burger, I love how it is presented. It is also, as the name suggests, really crispy! My only issue was that the fish used was very flaky, and would disintegrate all over the place when I try to cut it. I have a feeling you were suppose to just pick it up and eat it and not cut it haha.

Grub has 2 other burgers, Beef and Pork, and unfortunately the pork one was sold out (to Justin's detriment), so he got the Pulled Beef Burger ($11.00++). He says it's good! And apparently the beef is suppose to be responsible meat as another one of Grub's offerings is providing food that is both natural and sustainable. Also like the fish burger, it's a small sized burger, so not overly filling!

We took our new Ray-bans for a walk about :D

I also hear some people calling my name out and waving frantically, and it's Coco and Leah, who happen to be out with their OCSP group! What a coincidence! Hello!

Almost immediately after we ate at Grub, Justin announces that he wants to go back for our second date here to try the Pork burger finally! Can't wait till then when I get back from exchange :) Grub is exactly how brunch should be priced, in my opinion, and nestled amongst the now picturesque Bishan Park, it's the perfect place to go for great food and great pictures!

Do note that they do not take reservations, and that the last order is around 2:00pm! A good time to come would be around 1:30pm in my own opinion :)

Grub Singapore
510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Bishan Park 1


GRUB Singapore said...

Hi Monica, thanks for coming by to GRUB. We are so glad you enjoyed your meal and look forward to welcoming you back to try the pork steak burger!

Yours, Amanda from GRUB Singapore

Monica Anne Lie said...

@GRUB Singapore Definitely hoping it'll be in stock the next time we come! :)