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Split, Croatia

Posted on Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Hello all! I've managed to make my way to Split, Croatia, with high hopes of chilling and wearing clothes that do not make me look like a snowball. The weather here really is of something to be desired here, at around 17 degrees in the morning and 23 degrees at its peak, so much that my legs can breathe and say hello to the world. The sea is fabulous, the people i'm not so sure about, but Melissa and I had a fabulous dinner on our first day, which I will blog about soon! Anyway it's great fun traveling with like-minded friends, who love taking our time to take photos (of the scenery and ourselves of course, hehe). I mean, we travelled all the way so we'd better take a bloody good picture right? Anyway, our main priority here especially is to stay safe, since Croatia is in Eastern Europe after all and a little on the dodgier side of cities i've visited. 2 more days to go and we will have successfully conquered the place! Hurrah for us!

Photos by Melissa Lim