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Weißwurstfrühstück - White Sausage Breakfast!

Posted on Monday, September 23, 2013

It's been such a busy week, but I'm so glad to have more or less settled on accommodations here at Karlsruhe! The original Weißwurstfrühstück (vhyss-vurst-froo-shtuck) was organized by the orientation (O-phase) committee at KIT, but luckily we have awesome tutors in charge of our group who organized a special private Weißwurstfrühstück just for our orientation group at Jonas' place! Kind of a pre-breakfast breakfast if you can call it that. Weißwurstfrühstück (directly translated to white sausage breakfast) consists of the Weißwurst, of course, a pretzel and special mustard for the sausage! I learnt that we had to peel the skin off the Weißwurst and only eat the inside. You actually can just eat it with the skin on, but German tradition mandates to take it off! Probably because in the past the skin was not so clean and didn't taste so good?

And of course my adorable tutors were all dressed up in their traditional German clothing dirndl and lederhosen to make this breakfast even more bona fide. Beer was cracked out, and more or less we were all drunk before noon. Cause when you're in Germany, you have to do as the Germans do! You can consider this full cultural immersion, hahaha. The funniest part would be when certain German songs are played, everyone will jump up and start dancing with full choreography, and Tanja would be so kind to explain the funny lyrics to me, in which I'd tell her that everything sounds so much more profound when sang in German (when in actual fact they are actually singing about being as tall as a giraffe)!

So yes, it's been a pretty fulfilling Orientation week here in Germany, and now I need to bugger off from Karlsruhe until mid-October when my apartment is ready for moving in. Off I go again!