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Playing House

Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hi guys! After Croatia and Munich, it was good  to be back in Karlsruhe for a while to settle some errands and the whole pile of admin that comes along with going for exchange (that no one ever talks about)! I had a great couple of weeks playing house with Stefanie and Pieter, who were nothing but hospitable to my sad hobo situation (since my house wasn't ready yet). And the happiest homeless person I was because they really let me into their house, almost like I was another roomie!

It always amazed me how Steffy would always apologize for making noise in the morning while she gets ready for school, even though it's her own room! And of course here we are OOTD-ing right before we head out for some mundane groceries! I actually love doing mundane stuff with them like cooking and heading out because their company is so enjoyable :)

With Pieter's ever useful trolley! Things that you take for granted at home seem so hard now, like bringing groceries home when you don't have a car. We call this look "granny chic".

Another gorgeous fall day in Karlsruhe. The weather should be like this more often!!

Recycling is real big here in Germany. They have these massive machines that let you put your used plastic or glass bottles in, and they give you discounts off your groceries after. How amazing is that?

And of course a big part of our lives as students overseas is having to cook for ourselves. This job is much simpler when living with Stefanie and Pieter since everyone always volunteers more than happily (this has to do with having a dishwasher - cooking is so much more fun when you don't have to think about the clean up!).

The most curious vegetable which I have never seen in my life. Pieter and Stefanie have different names for it in their own languages, but I really don't know what to call it. Apparently everyone eats it a lot in Belgium, and it smells amazing when Pieter fries it in butter. Zomg.

The vegetables are wrapped whole in pieces of ham, and then baked golden brown in a gooey dish of cream and cheese. We eat it with mash (as if we didn't have enough carbs already), but it was so hearty and so good to eat in the cold weather. Some kind of hard core comfort food going on here! Definitely want to eat this again before I leave :D


Steffy and Pieter love it when I cook Asian food for them, but I do try my hand at Western food as well because I feel adventurous, like this Mac & Cheese i made!

Ok so it didn't turn out that great, but it looks good on the outside. Gotta count for something, right? I try frying fish and that doesn't turn out so great either. Guess I should stick to the Asian food!

And here is Pieter's Wurtelpuree on another day, a mash of carrots and potatoes, with tons of butter and seasoning of course. Mmmm!

Steffy made and amazing Rice Salad the other day (my first rice salad ever) that was so good I still think about it sometimes (please, please make it for me again!) and this baked salmon on a bed of zucchini that I only tried a bit of (since I had lunch already) but it made me wish I hadn't eaten lunch yet. The worst (but also pretty cool) part about Stefanie's cooking is she doesn't use recipes because it all comes from her head! Her food inspires me to want to cook it as well :)

Best temp-roomies ever! Wish I could be a perma-roomie, but all good things have to end :( I was so sad to leave them for Belgium because I really did have the best week ever here in Karlsruhe, but looking forward to cooking with them again now that I am back! I got so comfortable it was heartbreaking to have to get up and leave once again. Why does change have to be so disruptive? But at the same time I am happy to have a house to call my own for the rest of exchange. And so I am out of here as well as school starts tomorrow for me. Good night everyone!