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Ode to Travels - Scotland Diaries

Posted on Saturday, November 30, 2013

Primark Parka, Beanie, Gloves, Sweater and Boots (yes, I love Primark!)
Topshop Jeans | Bangkok Scarf

When I think of Scotland, I think of lochs and highlands; the positively temperamental weather that is one moment gloom and doom and another moment absolutely stunning; castles in all shapes and sizes; and the exhausting but amazing 3 hour hike up and down Arthur's Seat - a definite must for everyone who goes there because the view is breathtaking! Other highlights would be underground ghost tours that Zhuang insisted that we go on but was pretty worthwhile to see this dark other side of Scotland; and also the best haggis ever with mash potatoes and turnip. If the thought of eating minced sheep's heart and lungs sounds terrifying, you must eat this national dish of Scotland at The Doric, because they do it perfectly. Definitely our best meal of the trip, and I still ever so fondly wish I could eat it again!

I think there's a funny little place in my heart for Scotland - it was literally my last trip of the season before everything changed, but there was just something so beautiful about it that you overlook it all and let the city in, even though it's just for a little while. The saddest part about traveling to me is how brief and fleeting it is, like we don't really have the time to truly enjoy and get to know a place, and then we're gone and our trip is over. "We're so busy watching out for what's ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are." This  quote has stuck with me the whole of exchange, and I guess at the end of it all you only have memories to hold on to keep safely just for you and only yourself.


Amanda said...

i love these photos!

Monica Anne Lie said...

@Amanda Thanks! :D Glad you're still reading my blog ;)