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Austria Diaries

Posted on Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sometimes when you travel Europe too much, you get a little numb. Another palace, another cathedral, another museum, another statue. Does anyone else feel the same way? Not to say I didn't enjoy myself with the boys, but half the time in Austria, I felt that I was still in Germany. In Austria, they speak the same language and eat the same food (I love schnitzel, but I've had so much in Germany). Activities wise wasn't that diverting as well in the main cities, perhaps when we hit Obertauern where we went skiing! Other highlights to me were riding a snow mobile for the first time, the meat buffet we had in our hotel, some of the best Christmas markets I've been to in Europe, snow filled balconies which we used as a fridge, and random moments, like Ron's "turbulence" in the toilet, me paying my debts to Seetoh in photos and Peter's "fascination" with birds. To put it in a constructive way, I personally feel that the main draw of Austria isn't in the main cities of Salzburg and Vienna, but in the outskirts like the small towns of Hallstatt and Obertauern. And that is why my photos are a little uninspired :(