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Home Away from Home

Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ASOS Woven Cami | Clockhouse Cardigan

Hello all! Welcome to my exchange crib in Karlsruhe, Germany! I've been meaning to do this post ever since Raphael and I moved in 2 months ago but somehow never got round to it till today. Though we did have our share of misfortune, I'd say that we really lucked out with our humble abode here on Humboldtstra├če, just two tram stops away from school.

On most nights, I make myself a hot cup of tea (early grey or peppermint, please) and talk about all kinds of nonsensical stuff with Raphael in our living room. He's definitely a great roomie to have because we have a kind of open door policy when it comes to sharing groceries and cooking for each other (which helps so much on days that either of us are busy). And except for our poor dying plants that both of us are at loss of how to take care of, I think we definitely take equal weight in keeping our space clean and a happy place to live in!

From Day One of moving in I decided that I really wanted to make my room my own, no matter how short our stay here in Europe is by adding personal touches to it. This space is my home away from home, where it feels great coming back to after spending much time traveling. There really is something about having a beautiful house of your own that makes it not so hard to be far from Singapore and I'm definitely going to miss my comfy room when I go back!