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Posted on Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Exchange to Germany wouldn't be complete without a visit to Schloss Neuschwanstein (noish-van-stine), the inspiration behind the Walt Disney castle! On the train to Füssen I witnessed my first snowfall for exchange, which turned the Bavarian countryside into a winter wonderland. The 30-45 minute hike up to the castle was equally stunning, admiring the snow capped trees, watching the snowflakes do their death dives, and spotting the odd mini snowmen which tourists cooked up along the way (in which the boys proceeded to deface by adding things like... nipples. Boys.) Although we ran out of daylight and it was way to foggy to check out other angles of the castle, I was pretty satisfied with the start of our long trip since I'd be spending 9 whole days with these guys! On one hand I felt like a fellow bro with all the unbridled guy talk, but also like a little sister because they'd always give me first pick of beds, help me with my luggage, and look behind to make sure I'm keeping up. Kinda miss their silly company now! More pictures on the rest of our trip up soon :)


Melissa Lim said...

Where's the castle? :/ haha too foggy to see

Monica Anne Lie said...

@Melissa Haha yeah that is the nature of fog