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The Last Hurrah

Posted on Friday, December 20, 2013

Mango Coat | Primark Beanie | ASOS Snood | Vintage Backpack (from Berlin!)

With just a little less than a month to go for exchange, it's hard not to feel that little panic at the back of my head asking, "did I do enough with my time here?" "Am I making use of my last month to my fullest?" I've spent the last week or so having early Christmas celebrations with my dear "Family" here in Karlsruhe - ice skating, Secret Santas and Christmas sweaters sure are enough to get one into a festive mood! I've also been entertaining Pei Li, who actually stopped by on her way back to London to visit me here in my home turf, so I've tried my best to show her around whatever this small town has to offer, and now I am packing my bags for my last trip of this exchange to... the United Kingdom! I don't intend to rush around Europe these holidays, especially having discovered how tiring it is to be hopping from city to city every couple of days last year. I do however plan on getting to know London much, much better. I've been there 3 times in the past 4 years and I never feel like I know the city enough. Anyway, here is to a safe and fruitful journey to anyone and everyone who is traveling this cold winter. This is my last hurrah, and I'm half dreading, half looking forward to it!

Photo by Wong Pei Li, Post-processing by Myself