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London Shopping Favourites

Posted on Friday, January 3, 2014

Zara Mulberry Silk Blouse | Zara Camisole Dress | Zara Lace Camisole | Zara Camisole 
Gap Boyfriend Jeans | Camden Market Wool Hat

I'm so happy with my London hauls this year! These are a few of my favourite pieces I picked out. Sometimes you get so giddy with sales you end up picking out too many trendy pieces that you only wear once or twice, so I really made it a point before the Boxing Day sales this year to make an exact list of pieces that I know I can wear over and over, and I've been wanting for a while. I made it a point to look out for them and not get too distracted by things I didn't need (though I did get a couple of pieces just cause they were "pretty". Oh well.) But overall, I'd say that making the list really helped and I'm so glad to tick so many pieces off, and all at bargains too! My best find would be the UO Chevron Rug which was going at just £7.00 and my wool hat from Camden Market which I haggled down from £20.00 to £13.00. Who'd thunk you could haggle here in the UK? The only thing that wasn't on sale was the Baies candle, but I decided to treat myself have one luxury at least.

Anyway, I can't wait to wear them all when I get home. Now only to fit them all in my luggage...