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London's Borough Market

Posted on Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's hard not to get overwhelmed by all the sights and smells in Borough Market. Every single shop was so elaborately set up and brimming with all kinds of produce, it made you want to buy everything. It's also hard to believe I haven't come here earlier, because what kind of market is better than one with FOOD? Pei Li and I make a beeline for the oyster store because that's what we're here for and I start off with half a dozen (but have 10 in total). Yes, I love oysters! I'm not sure which shop excites me the most - the one overflowing with all kinds of unique mushrooms that I've never seen before; the ones giving out free cheese samples that my itchy fingers cannot resist; the stores with the brightly colored fresh, fresh fish (sashimi, is that you?); elaborately decadent desserts; super cheap avocados at 3 for £1.50; or maybe the one selling all kinds of exotic meat burgers from Ostrich to Reindeer to Kangaroo (we go for the kangaroo!). The place is a foodie heaven for everyone and is definitely going to be a stopover for me from now on every time I visit London in future.


Justin said...

I'd spend all my money there. ALL!

Monica Anne Lie said...

@Justin AWW wish we could go tgt :(