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Toby's Estate

Posted on Monday, March 3, 2014

It's been a while since I've had brunch! Jiehui (I always think of her as @highwayclouds teehee) and I headed to Toby's Estate just cause we felt like having a girly date. I've heard about Toby's for a good 2 years but just never got round to coming down, so it was nice to tick this one off the list (yes, there is a list)! The restaurant interior is everything you could hope for in a brunch place - bright, open, airy with amazing never-ending ceilings; throw in a unique concept of a communal table and modern shabby-chic interiors.

The food itself was honestly so-so considering how much one pays at these brunch places, but who cares if it's Instagram worthy right? That's the reality (and the irony) on how to differentiate your restaurant. Not to say I don't appreciate gobbling down a well presented plate of Eggs Benedict and prosciutto, but it's great to have a fellow instagram crazy friend to be silly with and take photos of our food, even if we probably got judged by everyone in the restaurant for standing up to get our top shots + our food got cold!!! If only we could have brunches every weekend, maybe we'd care less and actually get round to eating our food first (hehe).