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Wheeler's Yard

Posted on Thursday, March 20, 2014

You wouldn't believe this, because the Wheeler's Yard doesn't just have a blue door, but has an interior as well (OMFG. WHAT.) This is probably downright shocking to the Instagram world since the only thing people seem to take picture of are it's blue doors, but actually guys, the interior is pretty damn nice too!

The space is huge, but it's still fully packed on a Sunday anyway. We choose to sit outside despite the weather because they've got ginormous fans circulating the air! Food wise, we only order the fries and bottled drinks since it's tea time so I can't comment much, but it's definitely a great place to chill out if you don't mind traveling to ulu places. The bicycles were pretty, but I can't for my life figure out what they are for because there wasn't anyone tending to the counter - so I'd say they were just there for coolness sake (ok i'm kidding, it's a workshop space because they are bicycle "ateliers". Whatever that means in cool hipster language.)

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And whilst the guys are busy having deep, meaningful conversations, E-main and I head out to shoot some OOTDs! Surprisingly, there weren't queues of people dying to take picture with the door, so it wasn't embarrassing or something to be overly-excited about a ginormous blue door. And we forced them to take pictures with it too "cause everyone does". HAHA. Looking forward to our next cafe hunt location! Where should we go next?

Wheeler's Yard
28 Lor Ampas
Singapore 328781

Opening hours: iffy. We postponed our visit here by a week because they just decided to close, so check out their Facebook page first before going!