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Posted on Sunday, April 27, 2014

E-main and Jiehui are some of the nicest, most supportive friends I have, so when they both told me they wanted to go to Symmetry, I figured that everyone should just meet! Had a fun time being retarded and insisting on sitting outside just cause it was prettier (although it was so warm!!!) Actually, the interior of Symmetry was pretty cool as well (in both senses), but face it - what attracted us to even come was the awesome green doors!

Food wise we went at 4pm, so the only thing available on the menu at that time was Truffle Fries ($15.00++). We ordered two buckets but actually I think one bucket would have been enough because there was SO MUCH. Drinks weren't cheap either - about $10.00++ a person, but luckily for us Jiehui is super well connected on the cafe scene and her nice friend gave us a discount - yay! Anyway, I definitely think we'll be back to try the brunch menu soonish! And be smarter this time to sit indoors hehe.