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Jessica for The Ordinary Co

Posted on Saturday, April 5, 2014

Model: Jessica Gabrielle Teo
Photography & Styling: Myself

I was racking my brains thinking of where to shoot the latest Lookbook for The Ordinary Co that gave it  an oriental yet modern feel, and then I realised that my house was... perfect, haha. There's something about shooting in the comfort of your own home that lessens the worry of things such as *shudder* logistics. Anyway, I think I went a little darker with the editing this time. My natural inclination is to keep on hitting that "brightness" button, but for once I hit it in the other direction. There is an (accidental?) progression to lightness towards the end of the shoot, it wasn't intentional but I quite like it. Anyway, it was really fun to shoot Jess and she looks good in a lot of the photos, so it was honestly hard to pick what to release for the Lookbook (I added some extra favourites that weren't featured in here!)

Plus, despite how serious she looks in the photos, do you know she's really a big cheeseball? Seriously, look at our behind the scenes photos!

All the jewelry featured in this shoot is available on The Ordinary Co, so head over to grab your favourite cause they're really running out fast!

For the curious ones, I shot this on my amateur-ish Canon 500D with the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens I kind of indefinitely (and gratefully) borrowed from my big sister :D Pfft, who needs fancy cameras? But haha, just kidding. I'd grab a 6D if i could, but really, work with what you have guys.