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Posted on Monday, April 21, 2014

All i seem to talk about how busy I am on this blog, and I really am - but somehow I still find time to go out with friends amidst all my commitments. Maybe the more busy you get, the more time important it is to put aside time for social activities because every spare moment is precious, you know?

I only hear of Pasarbella cause of Jiehui! She's much more hipz than i am hehe. They had a pop-up event going on at Marina Bay Sands a couple of weekends ago, so we rounded up the guys and headed down!

Pretty nice set up, lots of people around and light show stuff going on (to distract the people while we grab the food? :>)

Stars of the night! Everything else was overpriced for the quality IMO - and we tried almost every shop! Personal favourite was the grilled Squid (had 2 portions for $10.00 each), and everyone else raved over the Omasake Burger ($20.00ish) that Sloth bought and everyone else gobbled up hahaha. Guess it was that good!

Behold this unique species - the Instagrammeralus.

Oh yes! Ice cream sandwiches from Pat and Stick's was good too! They have all kinds of yummy sounding flavors, but we settle with Peppermint Chocolate Chip and Caramel Pecan.

And that was a pretty productive start to the weekend! Maybe one day I'll check out the actual Pasarbella at Turf City!