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Double/Triple Dating

Posted on Sunday, October 26, 2014

One relaxing weekend a while ago doing gross couple things like going on a double date with Janine and Siang Loong! I must say that considering Justin and I see them a lot, this is one of the rare times we take pictures together because mostly we're just chilling out at Justin's place in unblog-able attire which the world is not interested in (or are you guys?)

It was quite a while ago, but I can't believe I remember all of this: we hit Toby's Estate since we have a The Entertainer one-for-one voucher for brunch! Afterwards we walk to Common Man's to find Emain and boyfriend, then we walk AGAIN to Great World City to watch X-Men (all the while the boys are miles in front because their legs are too long, hmph), then some famous char kway teow dinner (which I spend recapping the entire X-Men series to Janine) which leads to us to go back to Justin's place for a bit of an X-Men marathon (for the girls) and poker (for the boys) till late. Phew what a day!

I need to stop ranting on this blog.