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Europe Outfit Diary

Posted on Saturday, October 11, 2014

Listening to: Atlas Hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Dug up some unpublished photos above that Melissa took of me while we travelled in Europe during Exchange, and it made me miss Fall dressing very much. It's hard to get creative with layers here in the tropics where all you want to do is slap on your lightest shirt and shorts and head out of the house. Winter dressing is a little boring because all people see is your coat, but I do enjoy the challenge of getting all your winter accessories coordinated. My trick is to pick a multi-coloured scarf first, then pick the colour of my beanie and gloves according to colours in the scarf! You can see my outfits from London and Scotland where I applied the rule (sorry, that's the best fashion advice I can give other than wear the most colourful socks you can find in your boots cause no one will ever know).

I'm not sure if I miss exchange or the concept of exchange more.

Need. To. Go. Cold. Country. Now.