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One Man Coffee

Posted on Tuesday, October 14, 2014

One Man Coffee is a few shops down the same row from the popular Habitat Coffee, but a little harder to find because the signage from above says "Crust" (which it shares a space with) and hence I always miss it out whenever I drive past. Personally though, I prefer One Man Coffee's interiors because there's always a place to sit and it's so much more spacious and relaxing! These photos are from an afternoon months ago with dear Jiehui and Emain that I hadn't had time to post about. Since then I've come back to One Man one more time, which is already 100% more than I do for most cafes haha. I always wish I could see all my girlfriends a little more often but I guess everyone's a little busy with life, but I always feel like we do have plenty of time in the world, we just have to make a point to include people in it!

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