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Steamboat September

Posted on Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Steamboat time with the SMU kids! Trust Jolo to come up with an event name like "Steamboat September" - she also came up with other game changers like "Marvelous March" lolol. Anyway, we bought groceries and showed up at Ding's place as usual and hoorah - tables and steamboat apparatus are all set up!

Felt strongly that we should buy tom yam soup for the steamboat base and really glad we did! Especially every time you bite into those golden and oyster mushrooms that absorb all the zhup (sauce). The guys liked their Bah Kut Teh base which apparently got better and more peppery as the night went on.

For some reason it ended up being more of a stand up and "buffet" style steamboat since the table was quite long and everyone wanted a bit of everything!!

If there is one person in the world I would be scared to be angry at me is this girl haha.

Attempting to get everyone in the photo. Give up and take self timer shots instead! Feel like we are secondary school kids, not university graduates hahaha.

Kinda getting into the groove of posting more regularly again. I actually do a lot of stuff on the weekends and I feel a little sad that I haven't been updating this more often. I do like scrolling through my own blog to refresh the old memories! But another big push is that (amazingly) there are still people who visit this space regularly and it makes me feel a little warmed that at least someone out there is interested to see what I have to nutter on about. Let's see how long I can keep this going!