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The Best Mac & Cheese in Singapore

Posted on Thursday, October 23, 2014

So Jiehui and I went a little batshit crazy over what I call "the best mac n cheese I've EVER had in my life" at Feedlot Steakhouse Bar & Grill. To me, the perfect mac n cheese should be crispy and baked on top, yet oozy, melty and cheesy inside. Also, it should not be too heavy. So besides having all that, this one was infused with the most heavenly lobster essence that from the moment it arrived (warm and steaming) from the kitchen, we already knew from the aroma wafting out that this was going to be good. Not just good, but good. And the best part? It was just S$12.00++.

Chope is having a promo till mid-November where you can get this special, off-the-menu, Lobster Mac n Cheese from Feedlot at this price, but only if you reserve through the Chope website. It saddens me so much that I'll never get to eat it again after the promo is over, and I strongly feel that the management should definitely consider putting it on full time because this is a winner. The only downsides would be that by right it's one mac n cheese per reservation, and there wasn't a lot of lobster meat but hey, at S$12.00++, I really can't complain!

Must try. (They also have a 3 course set lunch at just S$23.00++ which looked good too so Jiehui and I want to come back for that!)

Feedlot Steakhouse Bar & Grill
56 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247964


Yi Mon said...

This looks so heavenly oh my gosh. Definitely going to get this, thank you!

Monica Anne Lie said...

@Yi Mon It really was! You definitely should try it out ;)