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Bye 2014

Posted on Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Listening to: Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men

I caught sight of myself in the mirror the other day and it struck me how I haven't really looked at myself properly in a while. I've been spending so much time staring at Instagram pages of beautiful people with their pseudo perfect lives that I forgot that ok, I'm still young and to say the least, decent looking. I forgot to take care of myself in a sense. I still cut my hair as if I'm fifteen. I barely wear any make up out. I'd safely say a good 50% of the time I am in FBTs since I work from home. I buy clothes that I like to imagine myself wearing but the truth is I haven't worn half and the other half I only wore once.

The only time I really indulge in taking more photos of myself is when I travel, and I think I owe it to myself to make use of the fact that I have a flexible schedule, little commitments and steady income now to go see the world more. Sometimes I marvel at the fact that I managed to travel all over Europe  didn't get lost. I think I underestimate myself at times. The New Year is people's excuse to set a deadline for themselves that "ok, by this and this date I will start being a better person. This year I will do this and this more", but without the calendar, the New Year would just be any other day. So why don't we start now?