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Christmas 2014

Posted on Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas at JoLo's! The photos are quite shittyz cause I seriously have no time this month to edit them properly. Sorry!!

We are greeted with the awesome perfumed smells of Christmas and low ambient light. The star of the show is of course the dinner set up by Jo who spent an hour on laying the table out - but it looks amazing??? Well worth the time!

And then it's prep time for the food!

Party prep team!

The table starts to slowly fill up!

Someone's getting hungry...

Finally settling around the table to FEAST!

Weirdly this is a rare one of our gatherings that we don't have tons leftover food :O

And after dinner, we get a surprise visit from Santa!!!

Haha i don't know why we were all laughing so hard. We have our Secret Santa gift exchange in which many dubious selections were handed out like Linette's G-String to Jo, and a sad loofa that ended up getting passed around a lot in favour of snatching another person's present!

Merry Christmas everyone! It's hard to believe it's been another year already, but a good one too.

How did you spend your Christmas?