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Behind the Scenes: Jiehui & Renhao for TOC

Posted on Saturday, January 24, 2015

featuring Flare the Corgi
Models: Jiehui Teo & Ren Hao Lee
Photography: Myself
Cooking: Justin Koh

Hey guys, if you haven't already checked out the adorkable Valentine's Day Lookbook I shot for The Ordinary Co (featuring my favourite girl @highwayclouds Jiehui and bf Renhao) then head over here to view the full thing! You can also take part in TOC's Like & Share contest to win the personalised bangles featured in the shoot which closes this Sunday, 25 Jan, 1200H blah blah blah promotional talk.

You guys get it, hehe :D

Anyway, what's probably more interesting is what went on behind the scenes of the shoot, which was held at my grandpa's house because I've always loved the French style red and white checkered floors of his kitchen. And of course, tons light.

Contrary to what it looks like in the photos, Le Boyfriend Masterchef Justin helped us do all the cooking (yay so awesome and helpful), which of course helped a lot so that Jiehui & Renhao could focus more on the modelling rather than if the eggs were burning. And it actually wasn't brunch time - the photos were shot in the afternoon at 4pm HAHA. It's amazing what a little photo manipulation and soft filtered light can do!!!

And after we Justin cooked the food, we ate it of course... and more!

SURPRISE HUG! This is my first time shooting a couple, and in a way I'm glad it's also close friends because they were tons more forgiving to my awkward yells of "NOW KISS" and awkward giggling to myself (I really just made myself feel that way - they were totally cool about it, which is great for photogs.) 

"Where's my food?"

Renhao and Jiehui brought Flare's water dish to keep her hydrated and happy in between shooting! Such a sweetheart to have around.

"Nope, not gonna stay put!"

Flare was also surprisingly well behaved considering she was in a new environment - more or less zero barking, like she knew she had to be polite in stranger's houses. The only difficulty was when it came to in front of the camera, so not only did i have to worry about making sure that Jiehui & Renhao looked fine but that this silly dog wasn't running everywhere too!

Though I don't get to see her that often in real life, Jiehui always tells me adorable stories about how silly she is, and you can't help but smile and forgive when you see her pointy furry face. *Sigh*

Bloopers haha. Justin was actually squatting behind the counter trying to hold Flare in place to get a (hopefully) adorable shot of her and Renhao asking "what's cooking?"

Left: Masterchef Justin making his cameo appearance in the shoot

Right: Flare couldn't take her eyes off... raw bread??? Haha if you notice, Jiehui was also "eating" raw sausages in this series of shots.

After the real cooking was done, we had to flatlay, of course!

We were honestly worried Flare would suddenly jump up and gobble our flatlay, but she just lay there happily. It looks like she's dreaming of breakfast! Fun fact: when i bought the ingredients, I chose the chicken sausage because it was longer and more "curvy" so that the smiley face would be happier. Things I have to think of for mah job. The sausages were really yummy in the end anyway because it had oozy cheese inside. Yumzz.

And after the shoot was over, we continued to hang around a bit more to just chit chat and chill! All in a days work! Pretty glad everything turned out alright and everyone had a good day haha. At the moment I have quite a bit to prep for the CNY shoot - I put a lot of stress on myself to really hit every festive season and because I'm young I still have all the energy. But at the moment, work days should always be like this, with friends and good eats to end it off.