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Justin's 27th Birthday

Posted on Saturday, March 28, 2015

So many photos of us but I happened to come across this one in Budapest when we were traveling across Europe 3 years ago. We'd never gone overseas together before, ever, so to test our relationship for one whole month of high intensity traveling (which can often bring out the worst in even the most patient person) was pretty hardcore. Knew we had a good thing because never ever did we fight - except for one time where we both wanted to sit at the aisle of the plane, cause you know, leg room. HAHA - but we fixed that in like 10 minutes.

He always treated my baggage like his own - there was no "I'll pack my stuff you pack yours". He would carry my fat laptop as if it was his so I wouldn't struggle too much, and do all the navigating without complaint for my noob self (and taught me how too so I'm proud to have used it the next year for exchange). It sounds stupid but it doesn't come naturally to me to be so selfless, and I've learnt so much on how to be caring from him.

Anyway yucks, I've become one of those people who write long sappy stories about their relationships online, haha. I don't even do it for our anniversary so I promise not to do this too often. Think it was sparked by reading lots of lovely and sad stories about LKY and his wife and the fact that today is Justin's birthday. Sigh. Shall give the old man a hug now.