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Miranda's Rainbow Unicorn 21st Birthday

Posted on Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hello! So my big sis and I have been helping the little one plan her 21st birthday for the past two weeks and it was awesome to see it all come together! We got conned into doing it because there's only so much willpower one has when she bats her big eyes and asks us to things for her, haha. Just kidding, I love planning parties!

We booked our Pandan Valley function room. The room itself is a bit of a shithole since the management last upgraded it since never, but I think we did a good job decorating for the budget we had ($150.00)!!

Tried arranging all the tables and chairs to create "social settings" as they were all originally aimlessly placed along the perimeter of the room. Besides decor looking pretty, it's important to create space for people to sit in groups and entertain themselves!

The party was a rainbow unicorn theme, could you tell?

Said birthday girl!

Jie was in charge of food, and think she did a really good job! After extensive research, she booked this caterer called Mei Hao 99 at $8.90 per pax + 10% discount for weekday parties (they tried to cheat us of the discount since the next day was Good Friday, but Jie lawyered them into giving it as promised >:)) Value indeed! Butterfly prawns were the bestttt. Wish I ate more!

Have no idea how to entertain adults, but we had some cute activities that people could do without much supervision like the Pin the Horn on the Unicorn (printed by, thanks!) I basically photoshopped the horn out of the image and cut it out separately! Easy peasy.

My tries. Not great haha.

On a whim I bought these childhood balloon things from the party store. You know the ones that come in a sticky paste that smells like thinner and you can blow up?

Everyone seemed pretty entertained, haha.

Since it's a rainbow party, Jie was in charge of assigning colours of the rainbow to each of the little sister's group of friends, like JC friends, Uni friends, etc. Guess what colour family got?

The cake comes and pictures ensue!

Trust the little sis to find a cake that is both rainbow on the outside AND inside. But it was really value - $64.90 for a 9" cake + $10.00 for the delivery anywhere in Singapore from! Managed to squeeze out enough slices to feed around 50 people! Taste wise it was fine, just a normal butter cake and not too sweet (as one would expect).

High on sugar?

At the end of the day, the little sis is pleased and so are we! Happy birthday!! You'll always be the baby of the family :'D

Party Tip: If you're looking for affordable party decorations in Singapore, I personally like to skip Party City (even though it is nearer my house) as it is quite pricey. Instead I like to head to this building called ICB Enterprise House along Middle Road / Bugis area where they have a stretch of 3-4 party shops which are slightly more affordable, and you'll be far more spoilt for choice. I basically got all the decor there! Enjoy!