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Value BBQ

Posted on Friday, April 3, 2015

Meat. Just a lot of meat.

So the boys decide that they want to have a "Value BBQ" night after seeing a Groupon for Azmaya Honten Japanese Restaurant. The food wasn't of the greatest standards, but hey, if you pay $12.90++ (worth $38.00 apparently) for free flow meat I really don't know what else you can expect. They also gave nice extras like fried karaage chicken and mushrooms + taogay so you don't get too bored of just one type flavour. Service wise: slow slow slow -  obviously to prevent us from eating too much, that and the fact I think they were understaffed to deal with the surge in volume of customers from Groupon. There was no time limit to finish your food - just by 4am, so we literally could have gone to play Lan and come back for round 2 hahaha. Also, we didn't try it, but they have 3-hours free flow beer for $35.00++ Maybe we'll be back one day to try it out!

Azmaya Honten Japanese Restaurant
5 Keok Road
Cuppage Plaza
Singapore 228796