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Posted on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Topshop Camisole | Topshop MOTO Shorts | Cheapo flats from Thomson Plaza (haha)

Just last weeks 'venture with Alexis. Whenever I need a friend to do random nonsense with it's her - we ended up deciding just the day before to try laser clay shooting at Sentosa and dreamt of discovering our natural talent in bad-assery - but of course, it turns out that we suck and I think the mosquitos probably scored more hits than we did!

Anyway, I happened to be cleaning out my hard drive the night before and laughing with Alexis over the horrendous photos of us when we first met in JC - I've almost forgotten how I looked like and how people treat you differently based on your outside. I think it's taken a few years for my inside to catch up with my outside, but I'm so glad for the friends like Alexis who saw it before anyone else could.

I want to spend more time on my blog, and less on Instagram.

Taken on my Canon 300V, Fuji Sensia ISO400


Alexis Chen said...

Woohoo! Had such a wonderful time with you me-darlin~

Monica Anne Lie said...

@Alexis Hehe meet again soon!!!