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Adventures are Meant to be Shared

Posted on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Just explorin' more of our hood with fellow hood-ette Trishna. We brought home a few new leafy friends and made a few inside jokes ("I'm scared of my cactus!") but all in all a good day spent getting to know this girl more. I never expected to find such a weird and wonderful person like Trishna G because of my job, especially considering how isolated it is (mostly behind a screen) - in fact I think I meet more people and make more friends through work now than say, during school.

Anyway, back to our exploring day! Singapore has so much to offer - if you are wondering where we were, it was at Far East Flora along Thomson, a place I always drive past to go to the BF's but never went in to look at proper. I got my dried lavenders here for about $14.00 a bundle; and Trishna got her whole stack of giant leaves for just $4.00???

Saw other exciting things like hydrangeas at $6.00 a stalk - so much more affordable than the crazy $20.00 per stalk at outside flower shops. Definitely eyeing those to take home... but that's another day!