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All White, All Right

Posted on Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ok so I rarely dress up like this (points to heels) but it's nice to have an occasion, which was for the Nars Dual Intensity Blush event! Got the invite thanks to Hanya, cause i'm not that much of a blogger please, haha. But it was very nice of the NARs lady-in-charge Celeste to let us come along! Will blog about the actual event later, just thought I would indulge in some self-love. Wonder when it became mainstream for people to constantly take beauty shots of themselves. #Instagram i guess.

Photos by Hanya Seah and Sujin Wong


EeHuey said...

Hi, can I know what's the name of the bag? Couldn't find it in mizzue :(

Monica Anne Lie said...

Hi @EeHuey!

It was called the Kenisha Thebo but I think it's sold out :(

I looked through the site and here are some which look similar and I personally would totally buy!

Angelic Gennaro

Julienne VanDuser

This one is exactly my bag but they added on blue trimming...

Lynis Anstine

Hope you find something you like! :)