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NARS Dual Intensity Blush Event!

Posted on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hello! So as mentioned in my earlier post, we got invited to the NARS Dual Intensity Blush event in June thanks to Hanya!

Here we are! 

It seems that we all received the non-existent memo on the monochrome dresscode, haha.

So many pretty colours! The reason for this event was for us to experience NARS' newly launched line of compact blush that comes in 6 different pairs of unique colours to give you great variety for endless looks.

Greeted by pretty pamphlets and set up! So excited to get my hands on these NARS products.

Julyen presents to us more about the newly launched NARS Dual Intensity Blush and demonstrates how we can use it two ways: with a dry brush for a natural-looking glow; or moist for a high-impact flush!

Hands on time, whee. Wearing a ton of make up already but MORE MORE MORE.

My personal favourite set (after trying all) is Craving which serves as a bronzer/highlighter with a bit of sheen followed by Fervor which is has a coral tone which suits our Asian skin IMO. The blushes can be worn alone or even layered together for limitless looks for those of you who like to be all experimental.

Anyway, learnt something today! When you buy a new make-up palette, it's good to wipe the first layer on top off because companies usually put some sort of "sealant" on top to ensure the powder doesn't fall off while being transported around the world, so wiping it off will ensure that what you are picking up is the pigment.

Omg it's the talented @grace_ciao :O

Grace demonstrates the next part of the session where we are going to watercolour the stencils she drew out for us (that came without hair). She makes it look super easy but we KNOW it's definitely not going to be when we actually do it, hahaha.

Then it's painting time!!! Haven't done art since Secondary school. We spend a good couple of hours really absorbed in our work and having a lot of fun!

My final results!!! I would say not bad for a first timer. It's evidently easier to paint when someone has stencilled in the outlines for you already. Tried doing some of my own freehand paintings and it was er... questionable.

For the cheeks on the painting, we used the NARS Dual Intensity Blush instead of the watercolors to create the soft pink effect on the cheeks, which definitely turned out much more natural looking on the drawings than using the water colors!

Hanya's drawings! Everything she touches looks super cool *heart eyes face*

We get super pretty gift bags! Love the NARS branding.

It's super generous of the NARS team to give us our very own full sized set of NARSisst Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette which comes in a compact design of 8 earthy tones. The cover doubles up as a mirror (how thoughtful) so it's extra easy to include this eyeshadow palette to carry around everywhere with you. To add the cherry on top, we also get to bring home our very own NARS Dual-Intensity Blush Palette in Panic. Extra score for an already fun session!

Half of me wants to hide these palettes and never use them because they look so perfect and pretty in their pristine condition :'D

Officially a NARSisst! Thanks for having us!