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Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Turned 24 in Paris! We spent half my birthday in transit, but Justin reminded me that in France, birthdays last for two whole weeks (the longest birthday EVER!) so I didn't have to worry, hahaha. Sometimes we tell ourselves such nonsense, cause who's to say really.

I've been running away from my birthday for the past few years. I wish I could say I was really cool and they didn't mean much, birthdays are just another day blah blah, but the truth is they are really significant to me, and half the time I am terrified that no one remembers - that the day will go by terribly uneventful and forgotten because the older you get, the more birthdays mean nothing - but it shouldn't be because you are you and there's no better day to remind yourself that.

So... at least being overseas gives me an excuse to dress up and go out with the one person who I know will never forget this day.

24 and I still can't properly articulate how I really feel. I just know.

Photos by Justin Koh, Editing by Myself