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Breakfast in Paris

Posted on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Breakfast was always quite a pretty spontaneous affair in the house, throwing together whatever is the fridge. We didn't really plan on eating at home a lot since Paris has so much food to offer, so we only bought bits of food here and there, but gosh I loved going to the market (or "marché") to update my charcuterie (the cured meat) every day because it's so darn cheap in Europe. Thinking about it now makes me wish I bought more back!

Also, you wouldn't believe it, but the pastries here were baked by yours truly the day before when we went to learn croissant baking at La Cuisine Paris. We were told that the same pastry that makes croissants is the same that makes pain au chocolat (which we made as well!), cinnamon rolls, and actually a whole ton of other pastries - but really, there is so much work that goes into making these layered, buttery rolls, and even if you tried to make it at home in Singapore, you would be missing the right ingredients, like live yeast. Even the butter in France just tastes better than at home. It's true, there's nothing like the bread here in Paris!