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Pieces of Paris

Posted on Monday, September 28, 2015


I like to think I've seen quite a bit of the city of Paris, but let's face it, there's no way one can really get to know a place unless you live there for years and years - and who's to say - I've lived in Singapore my whole life and there's still so many parts of it unexplored to me.

But back to Paris! Paris is a walking city, and walk we did! There's 4 things I think I miss mostly: firstly, the aircon-esque weather (it ranged from 12-30 degrees Celsius). I remember the first time I went to Europe when in Summer 2008 and all I dared to wear was jeans and hoodies for fear of cold. I can safely say that since then I've gotten bolder (or at least more aware) of how much one needs to wear at certain temperatures so that I don't have to limit my closet too much!

Secondly, I really miss the food, of which I shall share in a separate post for those of you who have been asking! We'd take so long to leave the house because we really wanted to find somewhere good to eat (though we did fall into a couple of tourist traps along the way due to convenience - or cravings on my part - "l'oignion soupe" ahem.)

Thirdly, the city really inspires me - I always dress better in Paris for some reason. I think after being here 3 times and loving it more and more that Paris is one of my favourite cities and I will definitely be back. Lastly: always having something to do. It's more part of traveling than because of the city, but I guess on those days when you sit in front of your computer, engulfed by the haze and restricted by the realities of real life, you miss having something new and exciting to do everyday.

But that said - the tourism websites weren't kidding when they said that Paris becomes a ghost town in August. Things really get creepy when even global brands like H&M don't want to open (I want to give you my money???) But still, we made the most of it! I would say the best time to come to Paris from my experience would be the start of September when the shops reopen, but the weather is still warm-ish and the daylight hours are still long (it was still bright at 8-9pm while we were there!)

Ok long post, more coming soon :)